Google Doodle 2011 celebrates Ice Cream Sundae 119th Anniversary

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Today, April 3, 2011, Google Doodle 2011 is celebrating the 119th Anniversary of the first documented Ice Cream Sundae, as shown in the Google homepage with the screenshot below.

Cherry Sunday ad
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According to Wikipedia, the first recorded sundae was on Sunday, April 3, 1892, which is a kind of ice cream typically consists of a scoop of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup, and in some cases other toppings including chopped nuts, sprinkles, among others.

However, in a post at What’s Cooking America, two US cities claimed that one of them created the first ice cream sundae; Two Rivers, in Wisconsin and Ithaca, which is New York.

According to Two Rivers, the first ice cream sundae was served by accident in 1881, when Ed Berners’ Ice Cream Parlor owner Edward Berners poured chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream for a customer named George Hallauer, which fell on a Sunday.

However, records apparently revealed that Berners was only 17 years old that year and it is unlikely that he could be the owner of that ice cream parlor that time.

Meanwhile, What’s Cooking America also posted that in 1892, Ithaca, New York also claimed that their place was the real origin of the ice cream sundae.

Their claim was supported by an ad in the Ithaca Daily Journal dated October 5, 1892, which was said to be the oldest known record of an ice cream sundae, as noted at What’s Cooking America.

Apparently, the ad shows that Platt & Colt Pharmacy, which is in Ithaca, is offering ‘Cherry Sunday‘, in which ice cream parlor owner Chester C. Platt was said to have served Ice Cream Sundae for the first time.

According to the claim, Platt topped cherry syrup and a candied cherry to the ice cream ordered by Unitarian Church leader, Reverend John M. Scott, which happened on Sunday, April 3, 1892, in which later the same ice cream was called Cherry Sunday.

Google Doodle 2011 celebrates Ice Cream Sundae 119th Anniversary
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