Google Chrome Donates to Charity with its “Chrome for a Cause” Initiative

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Google Chrome donates to charity with its “Chrome for a Cause” initiative. This was announced by the Google Chrome blog, December 15, 2010. This activity will allow online users to donate to the charitable institution of their choice just by downloading the Google Chrome, browsing online using the application, and then submitting the tabs at the end of each day.

The total tabs submitted have corresponding merits, like 10 tabs is equivalent to 1 tree planted, and 200 tabs, would give the charitable institution, a person’s potable water supply for a year.  There are other merits which users can target to support their charitable organizations. The duration of the “Chrome for a Cause” is from December 15 to 19.

To prevent hackers, online users are advised to log in through their Google accounts before submitting their tabs.

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