Google Bug causes 150,000 Gmail users to lose all inbox e-mails and chats

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A bug in Google was said to have caused around 150,000 Gmail users to reset their account and lost their Inbox emails, chats and settings on Monday morning, as reported by different tech sites.

According to Engadget, about 150,000 Gmail accounts or “less than 0.08 % of users have been affected by the bug and their accounts were reset.

Apparently, some Gmail users have been complaining on Twitter and Google support forums that their Inbox messages suddenly went empty, including chats and other settings.

On the other hand, a statement from Google App Status Dashboard appeared at around 1:09 a.m but no final words yet as to what really happened.

“Our team is continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by February 28, 2011 3:00:00 AM UTC-8 with more information about this problem. Thank you for your patience.” The statement said.

However, the same message appeared twice every two hours, until around 5 a.m; and the said bug is still being fixed as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Engagdet added that the lost emails will still be restored and Google engineers are working on it.

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