Google Announced Movie Rentals in Android Market, Official

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Different tech media sites reported that Google announced in Google I/O Developers Conference on Tuesday, May 10, that a new cloud movie service for Android will be available.

The service is expected to have thousands of movies available for download. Rentals are reported to start at $1.99. User will be able to watch the movie online via their Android gadgets or even download the movie so that it could be available offline.
Google Android Movies Rental


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Chris from Android team demonstrated renting movies on the Android Market. The downloaded movies shall be seen until 30 days from date of download and 24 hours once user start watching.

Android 2.2 mobile handsets will be able to access the new feature in a few weeks. Moreover, gadgets with Honeycomb will be able to access the service as soon as Honeycomb 3.1 is available for the specific device.

It seems that Google’s announcement follows yesterday announcement of Youtube’s availability of major Hollywood movies on its own rental store.

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