Google and You Tube plan to launch pay-per-view films

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Google and its popular video site You Tube plan to launch pay-per-view films by the end of 2010.

According to the report, a negotiation is now going on between Google and leading movie outfits of Hollywood.

The plan is for Google to use its technology; while YouTube will provide the service, and United States will possibly be the first one to benefit from the service.

This project of Google caused thrill in Hollywood because film studios are searching for new revenues to replace DVD sales, which are now in sudden decrease.

YouTube fanatics will then stream and pay about $5 for new releases rather than download them. The movies would be available simultaneously with their release on DVD and on Apple’s iTunes store and Amazon, which means Google could count on recent box-office hits to power the service.

This may eventually be a strong contender for Apple in dominating the digital distribution of film and television content.

This week, Apple is expected to uncover improvements to its TV device, which connects living-room sets to the Internet, and eventually hopes to open the device up to “apps” developers.

YouTube said it had been beta-testing a film rental service since January.

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