Google Adsense Payment via Western Union now available in Thailand

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Google Adsense announced on Thursday through their blog, its latest payment mode via Western Union (WU) for all publishers.

According to Deborah Chang of the AdSense Payments team, Google Adsense payment via Western Union is now available in Thailand.

For publishers with a Google Adsense account, payments via Western Union Quick Cash is said to be faster than checks and are charge-free.

With the addition of Western Union in Thailand, Google Adsense said the payment schedule remains the same and can be picked-up a day after the payment was issued.

However, Google Adsense reminds users that as of the announcement were made; payment via Western Union is only applicable to those with individual account.

In addition, the name of the payee on his account should be exactly the same as the one indicated on the accredited card in order to get payments with no hassle.

On October 8, 2010, Google Adsense payment via Western Union in 4 different African countries was also launched.

These African countries were Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

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