‘Goodbye Earth’ and other strong Firecrackers proliferates in Bocaue

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BOCAUE, Philippines – As the year 2011 gets nearer, a lot of people are going to Bocaue, Bulacan to buy firecrackers for the celebration of New Year’s Day. Bocaue is considered as the firecracker capital of the Philippines because majority of the firecrackers sold in the market is being manufactured there. According to reports, among the best selling firecrackers include ‘Five Star‘, and its more powerful counterpart, ‘Kabasi‘.

Republic Act 7183 listed the legal firecrackers that can be sold and used by Filipinos. However, a lot of firecrackers that includes ‘Goodbye Earth‘, ‘Bin Laden‘, ‘Granada‘, and ‘Gunaw‘, still go beyond the limits provided by RA 7183, according to local news sites. Though the Police are cracking down on illegal firecrackers, authorities admitted that it is not possible to totally eradicate the manufacturing and buying of such strong firecrackers. ‘Goodbye Earth‘ is reportedly being sold from P300 to P500.

As a preventive measure, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in Central Luzon, has inspected the sale of fireworks in Bocaue on Tuesday to ensure the safety of firecracker stall owners and customers. Each stall is required to have drums of water and sand to fight off fire in any eventuality. BFP officials posted reminders to the public about the do’s and dont’s in selling area. Strict implementation of the no-smoking policy is being ensure by authorities and testing of fireworks is being prohibited in the area. A fire truck, a rescue truck, and an ambulance is already on standby in case of emergency.
Prices of firecrackers are expected to shoot up in the next two days due to the high demand.

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