Golf cart underwater in Miami goes viral (Photo)

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A golf cart goes underwater, as shown in the photo below, is now going viral in social site Reddit. Actually, it is not a result of a new invention, but rather by someone who probably did not notice that it went missing, or he left it there but was not aware that it went underwater.

Golf cart underwater

Golf cart underwater
Credit: Reddit

“A group sank in a tourney I played in today…” Reddit user donki wrote on the title of his post on Friday, May 17, 2013, along with the photo of the completely submerged golf cart near the shore, where a condominium sits nearby, adding that there was unlimited liquor during the small party held in that area.

According to the poster, the golf cart underwater photo was taken at the Miccosukee Golf Club in Miami, Florida, and a charity golf tournament was held. He said that the golf cart was about 6 feet under the water, noting that he really has no clue on what happened at the course and how it went there.

“Yea I have seen tractors, a dodge Durango go in a lake at the course and multiple golf carts as well as at least 15 push carts with bags on them. I am shocked at how reckless people can be. No clue how they got it out it was also a gas powered cart.” A statement reads on the Reddit page.

“All I know is that I heard a cart was in the water on 16 and as soon as we pulled up to the green I saw it. There was no bank for the cart to roll down. No bags were on it so I guess they took them off and shoved it in, fueled by liquor.” Reddit user donki added.

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