Goldie the Dog trained to do Hitler salute on German TV show draws criticisms

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A dog named Goldie was trained to do a Hitler salute and appeared on a German TV show, but it draws criticisms from animal lovers who are against the dog’s gesture.

Goldie the Dog does Hitler salute
Photo credit: RTL Televsion

According to international news sites on Monday, a German Sheperd named Goldie was trained by German actor, Hannes Jaenicke, who plays Goldie’s owner in the two-part TV show about the Hindenburg airship disaster.

The Hindenburg airship crashed in 1937 that killed about 35 people, four years after Adolf Hitler came to power.

“He got a biscuit each time he did it and an animal welfare specialist was on hand.” Jaenicke was quoted as saying, as Goldie got used to raise his right paw to do a Hitler salute.

Goldie is a professional film dog and has learned many things in his time.” the actor added.

However, animal lovers criticized Goldie’s Hitler salute on the said TV show which will be shown in Germany next week, and call it as an act of cruelty to animals.

Goldie is the same breed as Blondi, Hitler’s beloved dog, and died when the German leader ordered his physician to give cyanide capsules to the dog to test its effectiveness.

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