Gold Nugget Found In Nevada County Weighs 8.2 lbs and Worth $460K

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Gold Nugget
Image Credit: Mike Kepka / The Chronicle

A gold nugget, found by a California man weighing 8.2 pounds and the size of a newborn, was sold in a Sacramento auction for $460,000, according to international reports on Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

Reports say that the auctioned gold nugget is the biggest that has been dug out from the Sierra hills of the Nevada County. It was found using a metal detector together with two smaller nuggets weighing four and ten ounces which were auctioned separately for $7,700 and $17,000 respectively.

The opening bid for the Washington Nugget at the Golden West Auction in Sacramento was $250,000. The final bid of $400,000 will go up to $460,000 because of additional fees.

The seller also placed the land where the nugget was found on sale. The land has an area of about 180 acres and located 20 miles east of Nevada City.

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