Godzillus Fossil: Ohio Man Discovers 150-pound fossil in Kentucky (Photo)

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Godzillus fossil

Godzillus fossil
Image Credit: The Cincinnati Enquirer, Gary Landers

A 150-pound Godzillus fossil, reportedly found by Ron Fine in northern Kentucky in 2011, is still being identified by experts. The 450-million-year-old fossil may be the largest fossil ever discovered in the Cincinnati region, according to reports by several international news sites on Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

During a Geological Society of America meeting on Tuesday, April 24 at the Dayton Convention Center in Ohio, scientists viewed and tried to determine what the fossil used to be.

Reports say that Godzillus fossil measures over six feet long and three feet wide. At a glance, the fossil may be mistaken as rocks or a concrete blob.

Scientist are still trying to figure out if the fossil is an animal, mineral or a form of plant life during the time that Cincinnati was underwater.

According to Fine, an amateur paleontologist, “This is the ultimate cold case. Like Godzilla, it’s a primordial beast that found its way to the modern era. Most fossils around here are small, the size of your thumbnail or your thumb. This thing’s huge.” Fine has provided the Godzillus name of the fossil.

The 43-year-old Fine is reportedly fond of collecting fossils since he was four. He believe that the Godzilla fossil is an early form of seaweed or kelp.

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