Gmail Tap introduced, Google to replace QWERTY keyboard by tapping on phone using Morse code (Video)

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Google introduced Gmail Tap on Sunday, April 1, 2012, which is being set to replace the QWERTY keyboard by simply tapping on the phone, as shown in the promo video below.

Phone with ‘Gmail Tap’ keys
Image Credit: Google video

According to the official Gmail blog that day, Gmail Tap will convert the keyboard from 26 keys into just two and every letter of the alphabet will be represented by a simple pattern of dots and dashes, or Morse code.

As noted in the video, Gmail Tap lead engineer Reed Morse introduced himself as the great-great grandson of Samuel F. B. Morse, who is the co-inventor of the Morse code during the mid 1800’s.

Gmail Tap, which is being set to be available for Android and iOS devices, promises to be faster sending of email messages and can type words without even looking on the screen of the phone.

Google noted that among the key features of Gmail Tap includes the Space bar to be added to increase typing speed; the so-called ‘predictive text mode’ and an optional audio feedback.

In addition, Google Gmail is introducing a new mode, the multi-email, where typing multiple emails at once will be possible that aims to double the productivity of the email sender.

Introducing Gmail Tap
Video Credit: Google/YouTube

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