GM Recall: 780,000 Chevy, Pontiac Cars Affected by the 2014 GM Recall

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GM recall

GM recall 2014
Credit: GM

A GM recall is now in order involving about 780,000 Chevrolet and Pontiac cars. The GM recall was issued by the car manufacturer due to a faulty ignition switch installed in the vehicle.

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GM was forced to recall their vehicles due to reports that the ignition switch issue has already claimed the lives of six individuals.

Reports say that the engine of the GM cars involve in the recall automatically shut off. This problem raised the risk of accidents since shutting off the engine will also disable the power-assisted steering wheel and brakes.

Several vehicle crash also reported that airbags of the car did not deploy while the engine was off.

Since May 2013, there were already 22 incident reports related to the recent GM recall.

As of posting, GM has not issued any official statement on the real cause of the ignition switch problem.

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