GM Recall 2010: 14,245 V8 Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS models due to fire risk caused by Power Steering problem

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Detroit, USAGeneral Motors (GM) announced on their website their latest recall affecting about 14,245 Buick Lucerne cars with V8 engines and Cadillac DTS model.

According to their post dated November 11, 2010, the affected vehicles came from the 2010 and 2011 models, in which starter or alternator cable that would possibly make contact with the power steering return line.

In such cases, GM said could cause the cable to be worn out through the power steering line and may cause a leak of fluid from the power steering which may malfunction anytime.

In addition, a battery drain might occur when the protective wrap of the cable will wear which will have a metal-to-metal contact.

Furthermore, GM said that when there is a fire risk when the power steering fluid contacts hot metal parts of the engine.

This will most likely to happen when the exposed battery cable separates from the power-steering line, it can cause sufficient sparks for a hole to be melted in the line.

According to GM, there were four reported cases of fires but no injuries involved.

With that, dealers will inspect harness routing and fix them if necessary to avoid contact with the power steering line. They will also do the same for the unsold cars.

All related repairs will be made free of charge, and the company said they will be informing all affected customers through mail by November 19.

For more details and information, the public is being advised to visit their official website at

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