GM Chevy Volt buy back from owners worried on battery fires starts, reports say

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General Motors Co. (GM) is now being reported to have started their plan in buying back Chevy Volt from unhappy owners, amid an investigation on battery fires on the electric car.

Chevy Volt
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As reported at US news sites on Friday, December 2, 2011, GM is offering unhappy Chevy Volt owners, who are worried about their safety, to sell their electric cars back to the car company.

According to Wall Street Journal that day, GM has started arranging to buy back Chevy Volt from some owners in fear of their safety as previous tests resulted to battery fires on the electric car.

GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson reportedly revealed that the company has agreed early this week to the request of around a half dozen Chevy Volt owners to return their vehicles. The car maker is also now coordinating with owners who had the same request.

This move by GM was said to be brought about the recent investigation started by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) when the battery was caught on fire after their routine test.

Back in May, GM reportedly conducted a routine crash test on Chevy Volt but the battery was caught on fire several weeks after. Nevertheless, the car company had no reported related incidents.

The aim of the ongoing investigation is to realize if GM will be required to call for a Chevy Volt recall or not, which has still no result as of this writing, with the electric car sale noted to have reached 6,000 units.

Early last week, GM stressed out that their Chevy Volt is safe and that owners do not need to worry about their safety but will offer free loaners until the issue will be resolved.

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