Global Observer Spyplane Crashed in Edwards Air Force Base

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Global Observer, an unmanned spyplane developed by AeroVironment Inc. crashed in Edwards Air Force Base, California last Friday.

According to the AeroVironment press release, the Global Observer aircraft experienced a mishap at 2:30 am PST Friday, April 1, 2011, approximately 18 hours into its ninth test flight. The press release also confirmed that no injuries or damage to other property was incurred during flight-testing mishap.

AeroVironment’s Global Observer
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“Flight testing an innovative new solution like Global Observer involves pushing the frontiers of technology and convention,” said Tim Conver, AeroVironment Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Risk is a component of every flight test program, and the learning that results from a mishap enables us to improve system reliability and performance” Conver added.

AeroVironment said in the same press release that an Investigation Board would be convened to probe cause and provide details of the flight mishap.

Global Observer is a hydrogen-powered drone having a 175-foot wingspan. It can carry 400 pounds of load, can reach altitudes of 65,000 feet and is designed to have extreme flight duration.

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