Global Markets: Investors Fear European Markets’ Continuous Fall

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Global markets are causing worry as the slump in world stocks the past few days has made investors doubt about its ability to rise once again. Although US stocks went up and US economy has improved with jobs provided for more than a hundred thousand people, it was not enough to allay the fears of participants. This is according to reports by international news sites, August 5, 2011.  

Reportedly, European economy’s downward trend has prompted the European Central Bank (ECB) to offer buying Italian debt as long as Italy complies with certain requirements for economic reforms and a constitutional amendment to this effect.

On the other hand, the European Central Bank bought Irish and Portuguese bonds as a means of relieving fears of investors in the European market and the Global market as well.

Global markets’ investors remain on edge as the unstable world economy reflects the ups and downs in world market trading, especially in European countries.

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