Glenn Beck jeans: 1791 Denim pants ‘made in America’ launched, now on sale for $130 (Video)

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Media mogul and host Glenn Beck launched his jeans called 1791 Denim on Monday, October 15, 2012, a new line of jeans from his clothing line ‘1791,’ which he launched back in 2011. This ‘made in America’ 1791 Denim jeans was announced by Beck himself that day. A video of its commercial is available below.

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1791 Denim jeans
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As noted at that day, the 1791 team has been working on the jeans for nearly a year, and the idea was conceived by Glenn, who has been involved with the creation of the new jeans in each of the processes, from the stitching, to the buttons, up to the quality of the rivets.

According to the announcement, 1791 Designer Tim Didonato has been working with Glenn to ensure that his vision for the new line was strictly followed. He has been branding all of the labels on the back of the jeans by hand, and also managing all of the details of the appearance of the said jeans.

“Our premium 100% Cotton ring-spun selvage denim jeans are 100% Made in the USA. The 13.5 oz. Red Line Selvage denim is woven in Greensboro, North Carolina at Cone Denim Mills. They are cut and sewn in Kentucky in a factory that’s been around since the 1920’s.” A description reads at the 1991 Denim ad video.

“These were the first American blue jeans. The jeans that built America. And they were built in America. Built at a time when things were timeless. A time when you knew things would last. A time when people worked for their dreams and their dreams worked for them.” A voice-over said on the 1791 Denim commercial.

Apparently, Glenn Beck also announced the release of the 1791 Denim jeans on a radio show that day, saying that he approached a mill in North Carolina that produced fabric for Levi’s in the 1800s, and later found a factory in Kentucky, which he did not name, to make his own jeans.

“100% made in America. It has the copper rivets, it has the button fly, it has the exact fabric that, if you’re my age, you grew up with.” Beck said; who was noted to have gotten the idea of creating the 1791 Denim after he criticized a Levi’s ad campaign back in September 2011 and said he will not wear Levi’s jeans anymore.

Meanwhile, the 1791 Denim, which is available in two cuts: classic and straight; is now for sale at for $129.99, and the initial supply is currently very limited, with the description saying, “each pair of jeans has been painstakingly constructed by America’s most skilled denim craftsmen to create an honest pair of jeans.”

1791 Denim jeans ad
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