“Glee” executive producer Ian Brennan wants Bruce Springsteen to guest on show’s season 3

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Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen, nicknamed “The Boss“, might be a guest in season 3 of “Glee” if executive producer Ian Brennan will only have his way, as reported by various US entertainment news sites, June 18, 2011.

As noted in the reports, Brennan wishes Springsteen to play the role of a motivational speaker on the show.

When asked if he had invited Bruce Springsteen, Brennan was reportedly quoted saying, “No, we are still on hiatus, and we won’t start writing for another couple of weeks. We have sat down and talked a little bit about where we want the show to go but we haven’t written anything yet.”

It was revealed that, if ever Bruce Springsteen appears on “Glee” then he would be one among the famous musicians to be featured on the show such as Britney Spears, Josh Groban, Olivia Newton-John and Eve.

Ian Brennan further explained through similar reports, “I can’t even tell you whether it’s a guy or a girl, but we are very, very excited about the prospect of bringing on this new person. It is going to be really, really good, and totally interesting, something we had totally not thought of.”

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