Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree in England Attacked By Anti-Christians?

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Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree
Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree
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The 2000-year old Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree was vandalized and chopped down last week, international news reported.

According to reports, the attack came between Wednesday and Thursday shortly after Mayor John Coles, the school children and local vicar participated in the annual sprig cutting for the queen to decorate the royal table at Christmas dinner.

The tree was planted on Wearyall Hill in England to replace the original Glastonbury Thorn tree that was cut down and burned during the English Civil War. It is not just an ordinary tree in England. It is a sacred tree and is thought by some to have ties to the earliest days of Christianity.

Mayor Coles said in the reports that it could be an act of anti–monarchist, an anti-Christian, or someone who’s an atheist.

Meanwhile, Avon and Somerset police have started the investigation. According to reports, the land on which the Holy Thorn stood is owned by Edward James, director of Crown Currency Exchange Firm. He was arrested this week in connection with an investigation into failed currency exchange. It was speculated that the attack on the Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree may have been part of a vendetta against James.

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