Girls lift tractor off dad, saving his life after he was trapped under the equipment

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Two teenage girls lift a tractor off to save their dad’s life on Monday, April 1, 2013, after he was pinned down by the 3,000-pound machine. Jeff Smith, of Lebanon, Oregon, was reportedly trying to pull stump out of his garden when the tractor flipped and was trapped underneath for some agonizing minutes.

tractor lifted by 2 girls

The tractor lifted by 2 girls to save their dad
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As noted at this Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Smith‘s daughters, Hannah, 16, and Haylee, 14, saw their dad being pinned down by the 1949 tractor, with its steering wheel on top of his chest. No one else around to help them so the two girls did not think twice to help their dad.

“I reached for the shifter, but my boot had a lot of mud on it and my foot slipped off the clutch, and it just walked that tractor straight over backwards on top of me,” Jeff Smith told the paper, whose daughters were walking their dogs when the incident happened, adding that all he can do was to cry for help.

“Which was scary because it was on my chest. Every time I called out for help, it was kinda like a constrictor. Every time I yelled out, I lost some of that, I could only get some of that back.” Smith added. His daughter tried to dig him out, but could not get him out. They had no choice but to lift the heavy truck.

“It’s amazing. You hear about this kind of stuff. This adrenaline rush, being able to pick cars up and slide people out. You never realize it’s really there until you actually witness it. I was very amazed and very grateful they were able to do that.” Jeff explained further.

News report about two girls lifting a tractor to save their dad
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