Girl discovers dinosaur fossils in UK called Daisymorrisae, named after discoverer Daisy Morris (Photo)

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A girl discovers dinosaur fossils in UK four years ago, Daisy Morris, who was then 5 years old when she discovered the new species, and was dubbed by scientists as Vectidraco Daisymorrisae, which was named after her. Below is the photo of Daisy and parts of the remains of the newly-discovered dinosaur.

Daisy Morris girl discovers dinosaur

Daisy Morris, the girl who discovered the dinosaur
fossils in Isle of Wight, UK

Image Credit: BBC News video

According to BBC News on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, Daisy Morris of Whitwell, Isle of Wight discovered the fossils of the said dinosaur while she was walking along the Atherfield Beach in late 2008 with her family. A scientific report about the discovery was recently published at Public Library of Science,

As noted in the report, the Morris family coordinated with Martin Simpson, a dinosaur fossil expert from Southampton University, in 2009 about the findings of Daisy. Paleontologists Darren Naish and Gareth Dyke spent five years to deeply analyze the remains, before they released their scientific report.

“I knew I was looking at something very special. And I was right,” Simpson told BBC News, with the new dinosaur species noted to be about the size of a crow and was a previously unknown type of a small pterosaur; a flying reptile from the Lower Cretaceous period, up to 220 millions years ago.

“It’s likely that if she had not picked this up, it would have washed away that day and might never have been found. It shows how amateurs and academics can work together and make some really important discoveries.” Simpson added.

As Daily Mail noted, a children’s book titled “Daisy and the Wight Dragon” has been released, so that children will easily understand Daisy‘s discovery. The Morris family donated the dinosaur fossils to the Natural History Museum, which recently named the Isle of Wight as the “dinosaur capital of Great Britain.”

“When I told my friends about it they said it was cool.” Daisy, now nine years old, a pupil at Niton Primary School and is also known for her unusual collection of fossils of different creatures, was quoted in the report. Sian Morris, Daisy‘s mom, said that her daughter was fascinated with what she have discovered.

“If we are in the car and we go past an animal that has died, she’ll ask me to stop so we can pick it up and she can take it home. She’ll put them under a crate in the garden and let it decompose. The flies lay eggs and maggots clean the skeleton, then she collects the bones.” Mrs. Morris said.

Vectidraco Daisymorrisae dinosaur fossils
Vectidraco Daisymorrisae dinosaur fossils
Image Credit:

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