Giant Stingray Captured by Jeremy Wade in Argentina River (Video)

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280 pound Giant Stingray in Argentina

Giant Stingray captured in Argentina
Image Credit: Daniel Huertas

A giant 280-pound stingray, world’s biggest and deadliest freshwater fish in Argentina, was hauled down by Jeremy Wade of television show series “River Monsters” after grappling with it for four hours, according to reports by several international news sites on Saturday, December 3, 2011.

Wade, a 53-year-old British host, was able to win the battle against the giant short-tailed stingray by pulling it to the shore of River Parana near the area of Buenos Aires. The host said that the stingray “is the largest true freshwater fish that I have ever caught.” He adds that the “species is the biggest true freshwater fish in the world and this must be one of the biggest of the species.”

Reports say that the 20 stone stingray can kill with its lethal and poisonous barb.

Below is an Animal Planet Youtube video that shows Jeremy Wade‘s search and battle with a monster river stingray in Argentina.

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