Giant Manta in African Waters: Manta Ray Caught by Ship Anchor (Photo and Video)

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Giant Manta Ray in African Waters Photo

Giant Manta from African Waters
Image Credit: Nairaland

A giant manta ray was accidentally caught off in the African waters by an oil company ship anchor, according to reports by several international news sites on Friday, March 16, 2012. The giant manta was reportedly caught near Bonny Island near the southern edge of Rivers State in the Niger Delta of Nigeria near Port Harcourt.

Workers on board the oil company ship were reportedly surprised to see the giant manta. No immediate clear details of the giant manta was made available. However, several pictures of the giant manta were already posted on Nairaland website.

Reports say that the giant manta was hauled aboard an oil-rig servicing ship after it got entangled with the ship’s anchor line in the South Atlantic area.

Giant manta is reportedly considered as one of the largest and most docile marine species. A giant manta is commonly found in temperate regions and usually measures about 30 feet wide and weighs over a ton.These giant mantas reportedly feeds on plankton and do not have stinging spines.

Giant Manta on board African oil company ship
Image Credit: Nairaland

Below is a saveourseas Youtube video of a giant manta ray.

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