Giant green blob discovered, NASA Hubble Space Telescope catches photo

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A giant green blob in outer space was discovered by a Dutch school teacher as early as 2007, and NASA Hubble Space Telescope was able to catch a photo recently, which was presented and explained by astronomer Bill Keel of the University of Alabama on Monday.

As reported at, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) took a photo of a giant green blob in space which was detected by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The photo (as shown below) of this giant greenish blob was revealed by NASA during a meeting with American Astronomical Society on January 10, Monday, which was reported to be have been initially discovered and being studied since 2007.

The giant blob was discovered by Hanny van Arkel, a Dutch school teacher during an online Galaxy Zoo project that year, which was later named after him and was called Hanny’s Voorwerp (Hanny’s Object in Dutch).

This greenish space object can be seen because of the illuminated being created by the searchlight beam of light from the galaxy’s core, in which the beam was said to be coming from a quasar, a bright, energetic object that is powered by a black hole.

The size of this giant green blob was said to be as huge as the Milky Way, and is located about 650 million light-years from Earth, with each light year is about 6 trillion miles.

Apparently, the mysterious giant blob was composed of green glowing cloud of gas and considered as one of the strangest space objects ever found in outer space.

Note: Correction made on first sentence and post title: Giant green blob was discovered by Hanny van Arkel, not by NASA.

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