Giant George: Great Dane Is Guinness World’s Tallest Living Dog (Photos)

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Giant George tallest dog

Giant George: Great Dane is tallest dog
Image Credit: Dave Nasser

A 6-year-old Great Dane, named George, is reportedly the world’s tallest living dog ever, based on the Guinness World Record. Giant George from Tuscon, Arizona is owned by Dave Nasser, author of a book entitled, “Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog.”

Several international news sites reported on Thursday, April 12, 2012, that Giant George weighs over 245 pounds and stands at about 43 inches in height. His weight is over 100 pounds more than other Great Danes. The world’s tallest dog reportedly sits on a couch like a human and sleeps on a queen-sized mattress.

Giant George eats about 180 pounds of food every month. He is being fed daily with two cups of rice, one cup of dog food, three quarters of a cup of chicken and four or five tablespoons of yogurt.

Giant George
A toddler sits on top of Giant George, the Great Dane
Image Credit: Dave Nasser

When compared with other breeds, the weight of giant George is the same as four German Shepherds, 11 Beagles or 26 Shih Tzus. Giant George is reportedly twice as tall as an average Golden Retriever.

Giant George in queen sized mattress
Giant George, the Great Dane lies on a queen sized bed
Image Credit: Garry Williams

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