Giant Earthworm in China Discovered by Li Zhiwei (Video)

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A giant earthworm was found by a Chinese resident of Binchuan County in the southwest China province of Yunnan, according to a CNN report on Sunday, September 2, 2012.

Li Zhiwei, a worker in the Forestry Bureau of Binchuan County, noticed the two-feet long earthworm inside the gutter of his home while drying out some Chinese dates in his backyard. According to Li, the earthworm “looked like a snake, I looked carefully and found it was actually a huge earthworm.”

Biologists are reportedly planning to conduct a study on the unusual giant earthworm. They will be looking at the factors that may have contributed to the size of the earthworm.

Reports say that some South African earthworms can grow up to several feet.

Residents in the area reportedly confirmed that this is the first time that they saw such a big earthworm in their neighborhood.

Normally, an earthworm grows from half an inch to over an inch.

Giant earthworm in China
Video Credit: CNN on Youtube

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