Giant Crocodile Update: Giant Partner Maybe World’s Largest Crocodile

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Giant Crocodile Captured Alive

Giant Crocodile has a giant partner
Image Credit: Reuters

The giant crocodile captured alive last September 3, 2011 in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, Philippines has an even larger crocodile partner. Bunawan Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde confirmed the presence of a second giant crocodile during a DZMM morning radio interview today, September 7 with anchor Ted Failon.

Officials and residents have joined hands in setting up traps for the female crocodile, which they believe can become the world’s largest crocodile, according to Mayor Elorde.

Bunawan Mayor Elorde also confirmed their plan of setting up a theme park that will highlight the giant crocodile. He said that they are coordinating with crocodile experts to know how to feed the giant crocodile.

The captured giant crocodile is now in a protected area in Bunawan. The giant reptile measures about 21 feet long, three feet wide and weighs 2,370 pounds. A video of the giant crocodile has confirmed the enormous size of the reptile.

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