Giant Crayfish Barbicambarus Simmonsi Found In Tennessee A New Species

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Giant Crayfish Barbicambarus
Giant Crayfish Barbicambarus Species
Image Credit: Carl Williams/Handout

The giant crayfish reportedly found in Tennessee by two aquatic biologists was said to be of new species.

According to Science Daily, it belongs to the genus Barbicambarus, which is distinctively big compared to the size of its competitors. Aside from its size, Barbicambarus was said to be notable with its unusual “bearded” antennae. The antennae is covered with a luxurious fringe of tiny, hair-like bristles, called setae, which enhances their sensory function.

University of Illinois aquatic biologist Chris Taylor, the curator of crustaceans at the Illinois Natural History Survey and a co-discoverer of the new species with Eastern Kentucky University biological sciences professor Guenter Schuster suspected that the giant crayfish was a wayward member of the originally discovered species, Barbicambarus cornutus. However, Schuster quickly realized that the new found crayfish differed in significant ways from B. cornutus. It was also supported with the DNA result to that of Barbicambarus cornutus.

The giant crayfish found in Shoal Creek was named Barbicambarus simmonsi to honor the TVA scientist who had collected the first specimen.

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