Giant African snail captured in Australia, caught destroying crops (Photo)

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A giant African snail was recently captured in Brisbane, Australia, as shown in the photo below. Local officials said that the huge snail, which has the same size of a cricket ball, was reportedly destroying vegetable crops and fruit trees in native forests.

Giant African snail Australia

The giant African snail, which was captured
in Brisbane, Australia

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According to a report by Australia‘s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry (DAFF), staff members caught the giant African snail creeping across a across the cement container yard. The exotic pest is being able to grow up to 20 cm long (7.8 inches) and can weigh up to one kilogram.

“Post-border detections are an important part of Australia‘s biosecurity system which works offshore, at the border and onshore as seen in this case.” Acting DAFF Regional Manager Paul Nixon was quoted at, noting that no other huge snails were found after a thorough inspection was made.

“Our biosecurity system relies on everyone taking responsibility including industry, the community, and governments and I commend the staff at the yard for reporting the snail and doing their part in helping the system to work.” Nixon added. Giant African snails are considered rare in Australia.

Giant African snails are one of the world’s largest and most damaging land snails, Australia‘s strict biosecurity requirements and responsive system has so far kept these pests out of Australia and we want to keep it that way.” Nixon said further.

Nevertheless, DAFF emphasized that the captured giant African snail was humanely killed and that they will still be making precautionary surveillance during the coming weeks. The Australian agency also noted that they are working with other governments in controlling pests to enter their country.

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