Germany’s Radio Galaxy runs funeral contest for the best epitaph

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Radio Galaxy, a radio station in Aschaffenburg, Germany, is reportedly running a funeral contest and looking for the best epitaph, as announced on its official website.

Radio Galaxy funeral contest
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According to BBC News on Monday, more than 600 entries have been submitted to the controversial contest for the best epitaph, wherein the winner will be announced this coming Ash Wednesday.

Apparently, the lucky winner will receive 3,000 euros (approximately $4,195) worth of funeral service, which includes marble headstone, wreath, and convey from church to the cemetery.

However, the Association of German Undertakers was said to have criticized the contest and calling it as not just ‘impious and tasteless’, noting that they sued Radio Galaxy,

“It is also immoral as regards the law against unfair competition,” Its statement said, in which the ruling is being expected to be released shortly after the announcement of the winner.

On the other hand, Jens Pflueger, one of the presenters of Radio Galaxy, reportedly defended the competition, noting that the aim was to get people aware of dying, especially the young ones.

“We wanted to raise awareness about this difficult topic among young people,” Pflueger was quoted as telling to BBC News, as the contest is being sponsored by the Erich Kraus Institute.

In addition, the winner does not need to die at once to get his prize, but rather it will serve as death insurance in case the unexpected shall come.

Incidentally, participants are also being invited to submit epitaphs from expired celebrities but the original ones will likely have more chances in winning.

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