German President Christian Wulff resigns over various accusations, Chancellor Angela Merkel accepts

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German President Christian Wulff resigned on Friday, February 17, 2012, after various accusations are being thrown to him recently, with Chancellor Angela Merkel accepting his resignation.

German President Christian Wulff, announcing
his resignation on February 17, 2012

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As noted at international news sites that day, President Wulff announced his resignation via local TV after being pressured over allegations against him on taking personal loans before he became president.

According to reports, prosecutors recently urged that his immunity be lifted and that investigations should be made, following the controversy over his alleged inappropriate activities when he was still the Lower Saxony state governor.

Mr. Wulff was quoted saying that Germany needed a president who could commit his undivided attention to the great challenges facing the country and one who commands the trust of the citizens.

“The developments of the past days and weeks have shown that this trust and therefore confidence in my ability to serve have been adversely affected.” Mr. Wulff was quoted in a televised speech.

“For this reason, it is no longer possible for me to continue in my role as president.” The 52-year old German leader added, who was accompanied by his wife Bettina at the Bellevue Palace.

Allegedly, Mr. Wulff accepted a large low-interest loan from the wife of a rich businessman back in 2008 so that he can buy a home for his family, along with other political favors such as gifts, paid vacations, among others.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who supported Wulff‘s candidacy as president, cancelled a visit to Italy that day and said in a statement that she accepted his resignation “with respect but also with regret”.

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