German Crater In Schmalkalden Filled But Still Not Safe For Residents To Come Home

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German Crater In Schmalkalden
Image Credit: The Local website

The massive German crater that swallowed a car when it collapsed in Schmalkalden Germany has been filled out as reported by The Local website. However, authorities said that the residents are still not allowed to return because the area is not yet stable.

Mayor Thomas Kaminski said in an interview that another 6,000 tons of gravel should be poured over the site to form a dome that will eventually settle as the ground continues to shift.

Meanwhile, the 17 residents from around the sinkhole were evacuated and have been put up in temporary apartments.

Reports also said that, Thuringia state premier Christine Lieberknecht promised aid to those affected by the accident and would likely to receive a sum of about €10,000, ($13,930).

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