German Cable Car Rescue: Tourists Trapped Overnight Rescued by Helicopter

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Rescued Passengers
Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

German cable car passengers made up of 19 tourists and one cable car operator, were rescued by a helicopter after hanging dangerously 260 feet above the ground in the mountains of Tegelberg, Southern Germany as disclosed by BBC news, August 13.

Various international news sites reported also, on the same date, that a paraglider collided with the cables causing the emergency.

Reportedly, there was another cable car affected by the accident with 30 people inside, but it was closer to the ground and passengers were brought to safety more easily.

There were also about 130 people in the mountain when the accident happened. All of them were brought to safety, together with the two persons who were flying the paraglider.

One cable car however, which was at a dangerous altitude with 20 passengers, could not still be rescued because of strong winds.

As the passengers waited anxiously, a specialist, who was part of the team, was sent to bring them food, clothing and toys for the children. The specialist stayed with the passengers overnight for almost 18 hours until a helicopter was able to bring all of the cable car passengers into safety from the Tegelberg mountains.

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