George The Giant Galapagos Tortoise To Get Two Female Partners To Mate Again

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George In Galapagos
George in Galapagos National Park
Image Credit: Galapagos National Park/AP

The giant tortoise named “Lonesome George” was said to have two female partners for him to mate again, international news reported.

George was believed to be the sole survivor of the Geochelone Abigdoni species after fishermen and pirates slaughtered his species for food. His age was estimated to be almost 100 years old and could have another 50 years ahead of him.

According to reports, scientists were still hoping for George to reproduce its species by mating with two new partners of the Geochelone Hoodensis species.

The Telegraph reported that George has previously lived with two female partners of similar, but different species. The female tortoise reportedly laid eggs in 2008, but did not produce viable offspring.

Meanwhile, Yale University conducted a genetic study and have shown that the Geochelone hoodensis species were genetically closer, more compatible and could offer higher possibilities of producing new offspring.

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