George Dennehy, born without arms plays guitar with his feet, sings “Iris”, goes viral (Video)

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George Dennehy, an 18-year old man from Ashland, Virginia, who was born without arms, sang his version of “Iris” by The Goo Goo Dolls, and played the guitar using only his feet, as shown in the video below, is now going viral.

George Dennehy, armless man, singing “Iris”
while playing the guitar with his feet

Image Credit: MrGeorgeDMusic/YouTube

As noted at Huffington Post on Monday, July 23, 2012, George Dennehy performed during the 2012 Ashland Strawberry Faire last month and uploaded video at YouTube and had few views. Nevertheless, the views are now increasing rapidly after he posted a link of the video at Reddit on Monday, which immediately landed in the front page and received good comments.

Interestingly, Dennehy, who was also a 2012 Strawberry Faire Scholarship recipient, also answers the questions at Reddit and uses his toes to type his messages, saying that he reads, writes, draws, uses the computer; and literally does everything with his toes and feet and that they are his hands since birth.

“I am very proud. I want it [music] to be my career. I have the opportunity to speak/play at different events or churches, you name it! I’m hoping big things will happen.” Dennehy wrote on his Reddit page, when asked if he thinks he can make a successful career out of his talent.

“I would say above average for strength/flexibility. I was born like this; I’ve been doing it all my life. Most babies learn to do things with their hands, I learned with my feet.” Dennehy said, when he was asked about the strength and flexibility of his toes; adding that he gets his inspiration from his faith in God.

Also below are some of his other YouTube videos, including his interview at 700 Club back in 2007; playing the piano using his toes; and playing the guitar using his feet, while singing “Only You” by David Crowder Band.

George Dennehy, playing guitar using his feet, while singing “Iris”
Video Credit: MrGeorgeDMusic/YouTube

George Dennehy, playing the piano using his feet
Video Credit: MrGeorgeDMusic/YouTube

George Dennehy, playing guitar using his feet, sings “Only You” by David Crowder Band
Video Credit: MrGeorgeDMusic/YouTube

George Dennehy interview via 700 Club back in 2007 and joining the orchestra using his feet
Video Credit: druidhills2005/YouTube

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