GE Global X-ray Business Leadership Team declares movement from US to China

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GE Healthcare declared on Monday, July 25, 2011, the movement of GE X-ray leadership team from U.S. to a new global headquarters in Beijing, China according to their press release.

“By moving strategic leadership to a new global hub of healthcare innovation, GE X-ray is better positioned to understand and meet the needs of high growth markets, support the Chinese Government’s Primary Care initiative, and enable an entire in-country X-ray business cycle from engineering and development to sales and service.” as quoted from GE News Center.

The decision of moving to a new headquarters was made two years ago and there is also a possibility to move other GE Healthcare units to China, according to reports.

Vice President and General Manager of X-ray for GE Healthcare Anne LeGrand was quoted saying in their press release, “As a global business, we are focused on driving X-Ray beyond traditional boundaries to deliver unique solutions to our customers. Moving GE X-Ray’s global headquarters to China will help make the business more nimble and responsive while continuing to strengthen our local focus and grow our global footprint.”

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