‘Gay’ dog saved from euthanization, after receiving tons of supports on Facebook (Photo)

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An alleged ‘gay’ dog was saved from euthanization, as shown in the photo below, after it received tons of supports on Facebook. The poor American Bulldog was rescued from Jackson TN Euthanasia on Thursday, January 31, 2013, after a kind-hearted pet lover decided to adopt him before he was put down.

Gay dog

Elton, the alleged ‘gay’ dog
Credit: Jackson TN Euthanasia Facebook

“This guy was signed over to RC, not bc he’s mean or bc he tears things up, but because… His owner says he’s gay! He hunched another male dog so his owner threw him away bc he refuses to have a “gay” dog!” A statement reads on the official Facebook page of Jackson TN Euthanasia that day.

“Even if that weren’t the most assinine [sic] thing I’ve ever heard, its still discrimination! Don’t let this gorgeous dog die bc his owner is ignorant of normal dog behavior! He’s in kennel 10L and he will be put down tomorrow bc there is no room at the inn!” The statement added, which now has over 5,130 Shares.

And while the unnamed original owner of the dog was highly criticized for his decision to give his pet to euthanasia services in Tennessee, there were those expressed their concerns with the dog. This includes Stephanie Fryns, a veterinary technician from Jackson, who publicly announced that she will adopt the dog.

As reported at ABC News that day, Fryns, who also owns four dogs, told them that she already called the shelter even before the story went viral, and named the ‘gay’ dog Elton, saying that “he was pretty friendly so far. He’s pretty scared of everything, which is understandable. But he loved the car ride.”

Fryns added that Elton, which she said weighing about 50 lbs., had some redness on his ears but it is unlikely to be due to dog bites. She doubted if he was previously engaged in dog fighting, noting that Elton is an obedient dog. Meanwhile, ABC News emphasized that Elton‘s behavior shows being dominant and does not mean that he is a ‘gay’ dog.

Stephanie Fryns Facebook message on gay dog
Stephanie Fryns’ Facebook message on adopting the ‘gay’ dog
Screenshot Credit: Facebook

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