Gary Weddle Kept His Vow Not To Shave Beard Until Bin Laden is Captured or Killed

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Gary Weddle, 50, a life science teacher at Ephrata Middle School in eastern Washington, finally shaved his beard after almost 10 years, several international news sites reported on Monday.

Garry Weddle Before and After Shaving
Gary Weddle before and after shaving
Credit: KOMO

According to reports, Gary Weddle made a vow not to shave his beard until Osama bin Laden is captured or killed.

“When the twin towers came down, I was horrified and I was glued to that television set for several days,” Weddle was quoted saying in June of 2003. “And (I) realized that not only was I not taking showers, I wasn’t shaving.”

Weddle reportedly said that he decided not to shave until Osama bin Laden is captured or killed because he wanted those around him not to forget the 9/11 attack.

On Monday, Weddle was honored by Jill Palmquist, principal of Ephrata Middle School, who announced to students over a loud speaker that Weddle had kept his vow to honor the lives lost.

“For 3,454 days, Mr. Weddle kept his word, faithful and true,” Palmquist reportedly told students. “He endured ridicule, jokes and no doubt people telling him that his was a lost cause.”

Weddle was 41 when he made his vow.

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