Gannet North Sea oil spill now reduced and under control, Shell UK says

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The Shell oil spill in North Sea has been reduced and under control, according to a press release issued by Shell UK on its official website on Saturday, August 13, 2011.

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As noted at, the North Sea oil leak in their Gannet Alpha platform is now under control which Shell said that it started last Wednesday and they acted immediately.

According to Shell UK, the size of the affected surface of North Sea is estimated to be around 31 kms. by 4.3 kms. at its widest point and the oil spill is now moving west from the field.

Shell added that they expect the Gannet oil leak will be dispersed naturally through the action of the sea waves and will not reach the shore, but is still being closely monitored and inspected.

“We have deployed a Remote-Operated Vehicle (ROV) to do inspection checks and monitor the subsea leak which is on a flow line on the sea bed.” Shell UK said on their official website that day.

“Personnel on the platform are safe and the platform continues to operate.” Shell added, noting that relevant UK authorities including Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) are being consistently updated on the clean-up.

The Gannet Alpha platform is being operated by Shell U.K. Limited, Esso Exploration and Production UK, which is about 112 miles (180km) east of Aberdeen, Scotland.

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