Galaxy M87’s Biggest Black Hole Could Swallow the Earth’s Whole Solar System

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Galaxy M87‘s black hole is the biggest ever discovered; it could “swallow” the Earth‘s whole solar system. This is according to Karl Gebhardt, astronomer of the University of Texas, January 13, 2011 as reported by International Science sites.

M87‘s black hole  is about “6.6 billion solar masses, plus minus 400 million solar masses,” which is massive compared to the black hole in the Milky Way which is only 4 million solar masses. Gebhardt also explained that since it is near the Earth’s galaxy, it could be observed and studied.

It is believed that two black holes merged to become this super monster, the biggest black hole ever discovered.  The astronomers said, even light could not escape from it.

These are videos, courtesy of mcdonaldobservatory, that could explain how Gebhardt and his team,  were able to determine all the incredible data.

This is a video courtesy of ApoloTR.

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