Gabrielle Giffords Talks about Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs Map in a Previous Interview

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The shooting of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords, and 6 other people, has drawn worldwide shock and national outrage. The audacity of the lone gun man, Jared L. Loughner, has made politicians realize that they are not safe even in their own turf.  While Giffords fights for her life at the hospital, Jared Loughner is indicted of the crime. These were reported over a few days, since January 7, 2011, EST.

Accusing fingers are now being pointed at Sarah Palin for her crosshairs map, which she had approved for publication. The map showed where the 20 democrats, who voted for President’s Obama’s health care bill, are located. With their names are crosshairs, presumed by many as gun crosshairs.

In a recent radio interview, Sarah Palin’s aide stated that the crosshairs are not gun crosshairs, and that Palin’s map has nothing to do with the shooting.  it is noted however, that some politicians had previously expressed their disagreement on how the maps were presented. They think that in some way it could incite violence; especially that Palin was known to be very vocal about how she could counter the opposition aggressively. Followers of Palin say that it is unfair to blame her of the violent incident of some deranged people and that they have never intended the map to incite violence. But the map is no longer found where it was earlier published. This could indicate lots of conclusions and speculations.

This is a video from msnbc of Gabrielle Giffords before the shooting rampage. She talked about Sarah Palin’s map and her perception about it. She also talked about a previous incident which involved the thrashing of her office.

The video may not be viewed in some locations.  It can be accessible at this URL,

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