Gabrielle Giffords on the Road to Recovery, May Watch Husband’s Shuttle Mission Launch

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Representative Gabrielle Giffords is recovering as her husband, NASA Commander Mark Edward Kelly, is on the final stages of his preparation for the shuttle mission. According to Florida news reports, March 27, 2011, Kelly and the rest of the crew held a news conference for the space shuttle’s mission and answered questions about the STS-134.

Kelly has participated in successful space missions in 2001 and 2006. As commander, he has led the Discovery mission in2008. According to NASA, he is ready for the mission set in April 19, 2011.

During conferences however, some reporters could not help but ask Kelly about his wife Gabrielle, who was a victim of a shootout in Tucson Arizona last January. The personal questions had overshadowed the purpose of the conference.

Because of this, Kelly had made a short statement before the last conference, stating the obvious. Watch the video uploaded by Itnnews at YouTube.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle Giffords may be able to witness the launching on April, as revealed by husband Kelly.

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