Gabriel Giffords Breathes sans Ventilator

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Gabriel Giffords can breathe now without the ventilator. Although she could breathe earlier on her own, doctors had used the ventilator as a precautionary measure. This was reported by International news sites January 16, 2011, EST.

A tracheotomy tube was inserted presently as a precautionary measure as well. This is to ensure that Giffords’ respiration process has a back-up.

A feeding tube was inserted to provide nutrition for Giffords.

A brain surgery has been done previously but her attending physicians, Dr. Michael Lemole and Dr. Peter Rhee are optimistic about Giffords recovery.

Giffords was one of the casualties in the shooting rampage that happened in Tuczon, Arizona killing 6 people and injuring 13 others, last January 8, 2011.

The gunman, Jared Loughner, is in police custody and is facing criminal charges.

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