Funeral Protest: Angel Action To Counter Westboro Church In Disrupting Victims’ Funerals

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Funeral Protest
Westboro church members in one of their protest rally
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Arizona lawmakers were not the only one who wanted to prevent the planned funeral protest of the Westboro Church, but also most of the Arizona residents.

Several news site reported that Arizona residents were planning for a counter-protest. This is to avoid Westboro Church in disrupting the funeral for the 9-year old girl who were fatally shot on Saturdays shooting incident in Tucson.

According to reports, An “Angel Action” is being planned by Arizona residents in which they will wear 8-by-10 foot angel wings. The angel wings will serve as shield to the family who were mourning from the Westboro Church members who carry signs with hateful and irreverent messages. They will line the funeral procession for Green, both to show their support of the family and to block them from seeing the Westboro protest.

Angel actions were said to have been created by Coloradan Romaine Patterson and were organized by Chelsea Cohen, a 20-year-old student in University of Arizona.

“We plan on being completely silent, and we’re asking people not to bring signs or make comments about the Westboro Baptist Church,” said Cohen.

Arizona lawmakers have already issued a bill duly signed by Gov. Jan Brewer to block the funeral protest planned by Westboro Baptist Church to the victims incoming funerals as reported earlier.

Meanwhile, reports said that to ensure the funeral protest and counter-protest don’t get out of hand, authority agencies were preparing for safety measures to be carried out at the various funeral services in the next few days.

Funeral protest update: Westboro Baptist Church will no longer protest on Green’s funeral.

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