Fukushima Pets Struggle On Freezing Weather

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Fukushima Pets Being Rescued

Fukushima Pets Being Rescued
Image Credit: REUTERS/Issei Kato

Fukushima pets being abandoned after last year’s nuclear crisis are facing a cold winter condition leaving them helpless unless they are rescued off to a shelter, international news reported on Friday, February 3, 2012.

Reports said that the dogs and cats that were abandoned in the Fukushima exclusion zone are now struggling with the region’s freezing winter weather. Rescue efforts are underway to save the animals but rescuers are running out of time.

The animal welfare groups were allowed to temporarily enter the evacuation zone in December to rescue surviving pets before the severe winter weather sets in, however, Yasunori Hoso of the United Kennel Club of Japan told BBC that there were still more dogs and cats left in the area.

“The government keeps saying there are few pets left, but we see their footprints in the snow. They are fighting to stay alive,” Hoso was quoted saying in an article.

“They have little fat left, so there’s nothing to keep them warm. Many animals have died of hypothermia, but we believe there are more than 100 still living.” Hoso added.

Pet owners had been pleading for help to rescue their pets since March of last year, but the central government took nine months to authorize the search.

Rescue volunteers led by Hoso were able to rescue more than 300 dogs and cats which now sit in a temporary shelter, according to reports.

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