Franco Banfi’s Amazing Underwater Cave Photos of Sassolo Lake in Switzerland

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Franco Banfi of Cadro, Switzerland took photographs of an underwater maze inside a glacier at Sassolo Lake, Switzerland, several international news sites reported on Thursday, August 11, 2011.

The photographs, which are shown below, were said to be extraordinary underwater caves and passages created on glaciers due to temperature changes between the months of summer and winter.

Mr. Banfi reportedly explores even the smallest passages within the underwater cave, with a considerable risk to his life.

“I’m a professional photographer so I have experience in ice diving in places like Antarctica, the Arctic, White Sea and dozens of mountain lakes. I do risk my life but I have years of experience including around 100 dives under the ice. It’s the passion which drives me to get the perfect picture,” Mr. Banfi was quoted as saying.

The photographs below were taken last summer while diving with his partner Sabrina, reports said.

Franco Banfi: Underwater Caves
Exploring Tunnels and Caverns Left In The Ice
Credit: Franco Banfi / Caters

Scuba Diver Exploring Lake Sassolo
Scuba Diver Exploring Sassolo Lake
Credit: Franco Banfi / Caters

Scuba Diver Explores Underwater Caves
Scuba Diver Exploring Underwater Caves
Credit: Franco Banfi / Caters

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