Fracking Technology Opposition Increases in New York

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Fracking technology critics increases, as environmentalists staged a rally at the Capitol lawn in New York on Monday, April 11, 2011, according to several international sites.

The rallyists are trying to pressure lawmakers to reject fracking in Albany. This technology is the process of applying high-pressure to inject of chemically treated water into a gas well to crack shale about 8,000 feet below the ground to obtain natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region.

Independent Oil & Gas Association (IOGA) of New York, the group seeking permission from Governor Andrew Cuomo, is assuring the public that fracking is well-regulated and safe. However, fracking critics fear that the process may contaminate water supplies in the region.

Other reports say that the Environmental Protection Agency is now conducting a scientific review of fracking.

Below is a statement provided by IOGA of NY executive director, Brad Gill.

Nearly three years has gone by since the state essentially halted the permitting of natural gas drilling in the Southern Tier. During that time we have watched people, jobs, businesses and opportunity flee our state for Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia, where those economies are rebounding strongly as a result of increased natural gas development.

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