Fox News least trusted and most trusted network among Americans, Public Policy Polling survey says

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Fox News is the least trusted network among Americans, according to the latest survey made by Public Policy Polling (PPP), which is being dubbed as the “most accurate polling firm” during the 2012 US election. Nevertheless, it was also picked as the “most trusted news network.”

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According to a report at on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, the 4th Annual TV News Trust poll indicated that Fox News hit a record low in the entire four years of doing the survey; with 41% of the voters said they trust it, while 46% said they don’t trust it. This is lower than the 49-37 percent ratio in 2010.

As noted by PPP, PBS beats seven other news outlets, including MSNBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, Fox News, NBC News, and Comedy Central. PBS had 52% of voters said they trust and 29% who don’t trust it. They said survey was conducted from January 31, 2013 to February 3, 2013 to 800 registered US voters.

And just like in their previous surveys, Republicans has maintained their trust to Fox News, saying that it is only news channel they trust. On the contrary, Democrats trust all the seven other news channels but not Fox. The surveyed people have 51% voters of President Barack Obama last November, and 43% voted for Mitt Romney.

For the least trusted news outlet, the PPP survey resulted to more Americans identify Fox News, with 39%, followed by MSNBC (14%), CNN (13%), Comedy Central (12%), ABC and CBS (5%), NBC (3%), and PBS (1%). Sixty percent of Democrats gave their lowest marks for Fox News, the rest were split by Republicans.

On the other hand, 34% of participants said they trust Fox News, say it’s the one they trust the most, while 13% picked PBS, 12% for CNN, 11% for ABC, 8% for MSNBC, and 6% for CBS. Comedy Central and NBC were tied at 5%. Sixty-seven of Republicans selected Fox News as their most trusted news network.

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