Fox anchor caught dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ during commercial break on early morning show (Video)

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A female Fox anchor was caught dancing to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” during a commercial break on early morning show on Friday, December 9, 2012, as shown in the video. The reporter was Fox 40‘s Tia Ewing, who uploaded the video at YouTube that day, and is now going viral.

Fox anchor caught dancing

Fox anchor Tia Ewing dancing
Image Credit: Tia Ewing Fox 40 video

“Having a little fun on the morning show. I mean, it is 4:30am. Watch the entire clip, it goes to black then appears again.” Tia Ewing wrote on the YouTube video description, who can be seen on the video with her right hand holding a tablet computer while in all smiles dancing to the tune of “Single Ladies.”

“They caught me, busted! Let’s hope this doesn’t go viral!” Tia Ewing wrote on her official Facebook page also that day, with the same message on her Twitter page, along with the link of the video.Soon after, the video was posted in various major US news sites, and received tons of mixed comments.

The keyword ‘Fox anchor caught‘ immediately went trending on Twitter, and Ms. Ewing thanked all those who loved the video. She did not respond to haters and negative comments, and her followers and co-workers send her inspirational messages and moral support.

“My dancing video made it to NYDailyNews and Yahoo. Reading the comments, so many people have race issues. I was merely enjoying my job.” Tia Ewing (@TIA_EWING) tweeted this Tuesday, December 11, and later tweeted a link to Huffington Post report about her dancing act during during commercial break.

“I gotta get it where I can get it. I just didn’t know the camera was rolling.” Ewing was quoted explaining to her co-workers on-air in a later segment on the show.

Fox anchor caught dancing during commercial break on early morning show
Video Credit: Tia Ewing/YouTube

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